Burnatowska Wódka

South Africa and Poland come together to create the finest Vodka. So we say “Na Zdrowie!” to Rysia Burnatowska.

Barley Vodka has a gentle sweetness on the nose with a faint touch of grassy field. The mouthfeel is exceptionally creamy and smooth, almost rolling across the tongue with a pleasant viscosity. The sweetness is very mild, not taking over at all, simply reminding you that this vodka was made honestly from malted grain.

Pulled through Black Charcoal

Burnatowska Vodka is made from Malted Barley, distilled over 20 times and then filtered through a Black Carbon filter. Creating a extremely smooth Vodka, ready to drink.

Family inspirations

Marius & Rysia

While stying in Seattle, Rysia inspired Marius to create a unique Polish Vodka hence “Burnatowska” named after a true friend.