Discover Peach Brandy

It is quite a challenge to create something drinkable made from Peaches, in South Africa the moonshine distillers created ‘Mampoer’ by fermenting any type of fruit with any type of yeast and then running it through a standard alembic type still.

The result is as you can think, something barely drinkable that might or might not remove the enamel from your teeth.

When Mike Crew Brown from Wickedfood Earth, a community upliftment, self-sustainable lifestyle project being developed on a 38-hectare site in the Hartbeesfontein Conservancy, located within the Magalies Meander Tourism area. We have developed a self-sustaining lifestyle showcase subscribing to the ethos of “Responsible use of sustainable resources“.

You can read all about them here – https://wickedfoodearth.co.za/ asked Black Horse to collaborate on making something great with 100% organic peaches grown on their farm.

Black Horse needed something sleek and classy to fit with a Fruit Brandy.

Black Horse jumped right in and Mike delivered 500kgs of fresh peaches on the doorstep, the peaches were added with mountain water and Champagne Yeast and left to time, as the yeast went to work turning the sugar from the peaches to alcohol the Black Horse graphics team design a unique brand for the few bottles that will eventually be produced.

Marius Bezuidenhout, Master Distiller with the Copperhead Column Still

After 2 weeks, the wort was transferred to our 1000 liter column still and Chanté the Black Horse distiller ran it through the still up to 85% Alc/Vol or 170 proof, then the final distillate was added to a bucket with activated carbon. Marius the Master Distillers concept was to remove any impurities or ‘off characters’ from the fruit spirits and then re-infuse it with dried peaches.

The spirits with the dried peaches that were made of the stock, were then stored in a new oak.

The final product ready after almost 3 months, bottled at 60% Alc/Vol or 120 proof turned out magnificent with a clean spirt smell and a refreshing peach taste.

Black Horse only created 30 bottles, 20 of which were sold on the website and 10 for Wickedfood Earth. Hopefully Marius and Mike will produce something magically again in 2021.