Gucci the Distillers Dog

With every great distiller comes a great pet, Gucci is the oldest dog at Black Horse and was born in 2007. She was a gift to Bernard during an art class he was attending and quickly became a big hit at Black Horse where Karen carted her around in a Gucci bag, she traveled trough South Africa and was even sneaked into a few stores.

Bernard & Gucci in Cape Town 2008

When Marius moved to Black Horse, Gucci who was always fond of him, moved in with him. In the second week, Karen dropped off her basket and told him that she now belongs to him, which was in early 2014. Gucci a Jack-Russel Chihuahua cross with her wicked humor can now be found almost everywhere Marius goes.

Marius & Gucci
Gucci, Marius, Laura, Nuschka and family
Grandma Bessie & Gucci

When you visit Black Horse, be sure to say “Hi” to Gucci, but be careful as she likes to nibble children and don’t like to be picked up.