For Valentine’s day, 2109, we have created a very small batch of limited Mangosteen Gin, it is also our first “pink” gin ever. Using the most exquisite high-quality barley spirits, the finest Balkin Juniper and Mangosteen Peel extract this lavish Pink Gin carries the name “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

There are only 16 bottles available of this very limited small batch and it will be on-sale at Black Horse Distillery from the 14th until the 16thof February 2019, or until they are all sold out.

How it all started?

Bernard arriving back from Bali brought with a packet of Mangosteen Peel extract, it is sugar-free, used for the prevention of Cancer, ageing supposedly great for dental health, eyes, skin and hair. But one of the great benefits is the lovely sweet flavour and beautiful colour of the peel.

The Mangosteen Peel extract with 90% ABV, very dark red/purple colour


Testing the colour of the Mangosteen and the effects of sunlight, it has been 2 weeks and the colour is still holding fast. 100% natural colour. 

Marius set off to create distinct multi-distilled barley based spirits and infused it with Balkin Juniper, he and Chanté used the Grain Father for this very small batch, extracting the Mangosteen Peel with 90% spirits and then blending the two to create a perfect Pink Mangosteen and Juniper Gin.

Getting the perfect temperature for the first phase distilling. 

We have also been playing around with the design, and originally wanted to call it Mangosteen Gin, but we only have 16 bottles so why not go wild?

After going through about 5 designs we eventually settled on a clear label so the beautiful pink colour of the Mangosteen peel can come through.